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SweetDating is the next evolution in Online Dating – a website created for you to meet people the way you meet people in your normal lives…with your friends! Finally, there is a website that allows you and your friends to meet them and their friends. That's it, plain and simple. We are an online extension of your current social lives. Chances are, you are with your friends when you go to a bar, club, restaurant, charity event, fundraise, dinner party, the movies, the bowling alley, the ball game, or on vacation. So why can you not do online dating with your friends? Well, now you can, with!

In addition, the main concern about the current internet dating environment is safety. This concern is especially felt by women, who shy away from online dating because of their hesitation to put their information and picture on the sites, in addition to the fear of actually meeting someone in public that they met on the Internet. The sheer nature and concept behind alleviates those concerns, and many others that currently plague the online dating industry. You are not in this alone; you are with your friends, doing another activity like the ones mentioned above that you normally do with your friends. You do not have to fear getting together with other teams, because again, not only will you not be alone, but you will have your support structure and your security blanket with you! What could be better than meeting new groups of people, with the comfort of having your friends there!

We created because we thought that using mathematical algorithms, personality profile tests, and other scientific methods is not how you meet new people, let alone find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with. You should meet new people online the same way people have been meeting other people offline for thousands of years…through your friends and current social networks. Therefore, now we have brought to the online world what it was missing, a dating website that allows 2, 3, or 4 friends to search out and meet with other groups of friends. We are not here to tell you who your match is, or who you will be harmonious with. We are here to give you a chance to meet new people! We are not going to make you fill out a thousand questions, or tell you that we have found someone who is 86% your match! We simply want to provide you and your friends a chance to meet new people online, without all the anxiety, stress, fear, and nervousness that comes with it. Our site will hopefully enable more people to feel comfortable in this space, and get out from behind the computer and get together in person…the rest is up to you! So, who's on your team??


- Introducing singles to the love, forgiveness and eternal life that only comes through Jesus Christ
- Encouraging godly, satisfying relationships with the opposite sex
- Providing Christian dating service resources, dating tips, practical and relevant singles advice and articles
- Connecting singles with local Christian singles groups, coffee houses and church ministries for fellowship and spiritual renewal
- Allowing a forum where single Christians, ministers and counselors can share comments, singles articles, Christian pod casts, dating reviews, personal struggles and dating advice with others

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